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Curiosity and visionary thinking fuel the Saturized creative team. The experience we create goes outside the visual. It boosts engagement and brand perception, with the sole aim to help a business grow and add to the premium service they deliver through strategic and compelling designs.

A combination of UX best practices and space-age design throughout all the stages of the process empowers Saturized to build unrivaled, customer-friendly visual experiences that resound with your customers and fulfill your business goals. There are no limits to what we can do for you. Whether it is providing web, mobile, motion, or sound design, photographs, video production, or touch experience, our enthusiastic, dedicated design professionals offer you one-of-a-kind designs and solutions throughout various sets of industries and regions to achieve impact.

Fifteen years of experience working with some of the world’s most renowned brands and innovative startups has helped us shape our creative process for maximum efficiency and supreme quality. We are committed to providing quick, cost-effective solutions that blend harmoniously with your product and business strategy, customer experience, and rapid development. Our domain expertise, exceptional design talent, and meticulous best practices are, therefore, an integral part of every project.


  • Design for Web

    Design for Web

    In this modern, digital world, if you want your brand to be successful, you need to design your website spot-on. No matter what line of work you are in, a brick and mortar business, e-commerce store, or a service provider, we can create web pages that will engage and convert your target audience. And not only that, our web designs are made to look exquisite on all devices above all.

  • Design for Mobile

    Design for Mobile

    Our world today is driven by mobile apps. Whether it is collaboration, sharing, networking, shopping, or internet browsing, mobile apps have been our guides in all walks of life. Our belief in customer-centered design helps us come up with mobile apps customers will love. We do it by keeping up with the up-to-date design trends and following only the industry’s best practices to align your business and your customers’ goals and exert a persuasive impact.

  • Motion Design

    Motion Design

    Use motion design to tell a story, share data visualizations, elucidate complex processes or topics, or all of the above. We can do anything from simple animations to sophisticated scenes involving 3D and motion tracking, whether your goal is to introduce a new product or a service, educate the audience on some essential matter, call for action, or just designed to inspire.

  • Illustration & Iconography

    Illustration & Iconography

    Deliver messages faster and easier with visual elements incorporated into your strategy, and shape how your users see your story. Whether comparing statistics, illustrating your business processes, or simply providing a creative spin on a familiar concept, we will create attention-grabbing infographics that your audiences will want to share.

  • Photography


    Rely on impeccable photographs captured to relate your brand identity with the dedication you have put in your business, and tell your story. Our extensive and long-lasting experience with photography and proficiency in deciding what lighting, composition, and mood will suit your business best, allows us to capture anything from fashion to hotels and restaurants. So far, we have covered so many industries, and we are eagerly looking forward to many more that are yet to come.

  • Video Production

    Video Production

    Saturized offers you a one-of-a-kind, engaging, and inspirational video content to bolster your business goals and improve your customers’ responsiveness and brand reputation. Our department for video production services can devise a video marketing strategy that adds up to your business and marketing goals and breathes life into your video story, using the most sophisticated programs and technologies in the industry.

  • Sound Design

    Sound Design

    Opt for creative sound effects and original scores to bring to life visual and interactive content and thus boost customer experience, perception, and interaction. Whether it is high-tech digital sound design, field recording, or micro-editing, rest assured that we can deliver an original tailor-made sound design that best fits your project and mirrors the project’s visual aesthetic.

  • Interactive Storytelling

    Interactive Storytelling

    Use interactive storytelling by bringing customers into content that might be somewhat dull or uninteresting to create unforgettable experiences. Offer opportunities for readers to change interactive storytelling and result purposefully by relying on the stunning imagery, unique visual styles, fascinating interactions, HD videos, and illustrations we offer you.

  • Touch Experiences

    Touch Experiences

    Rely on digital signage systems, thrilling design, and cutting-edge technology to engage your customer’s sense of touch to boost the experience of interaction with onscreen interfaces. We have companies worldwide using our custom-designed digital totems, touchscreen kiosks, and display stand interfaces to engage, communicate, and measure their audience in a new way.

  • Creative Direction

    Creative Direction

    Overseeing everything, guiding, and combining all the pieces to result in a striking picture while still securing company goals, is what creative direction is all about. The one that we bring to the table is by no means ordinary. We are passionate about bringing business to life through innovative, captivating, and exciting creative direction. And we embrace that!

  • Implementation Supervision

    Implementation Supervision

    Make sure your IT-project has technical, schedule-related, and budget-compliant implementation. Let our supervisory team tackle the complete turnkey design services of your whole project to deliver quality management services and ensure your product’s design has proper adherence and implementation.

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We have been VERY VERY impressed by Saturized’s work . We needed someone to be very successful in getting through a big batch of work we had. Saturized succeeded at that. I LOVE your work. I think Saturized did an AMAZING job on our UI.

Bryan Starbuck
CTO of ZenLedger

Straightforward and constant communication . Saturized asked for questions when it doubts and went above and beyond to produce high-quality work for us.

Cruz Vargas
VP of Marketing of Wirecash

Saturized have just been incredibly useful from start to finish – you’ve taken a lot of time to understand our business, our customers, and the product we’re looking to build. This has meant that the design phase has been a straightforward process. You’ve been responsive, flexible to our needs, and ultimately, the output has been excellent .

Tom Pain
Co-founder of MySwft

I want to say that we’ve been enjoying our work with Saturized related to the quality of work and communication.

Jeffrey Tha
Co-founder of Carmen
Alex Besarovic

Very professional team. Saturized spends time on understating everything they need about our business.

Alex Besarovic
CEO & Co-founder of Flock Social

We enjoyed working with Saturized. Their process was completely transparent , and the communication was timely and precise . They made sure we were involved in every stage of the design process. That helped us to understand the changes they made to our product. The final design they created helped to elevate our product to the next level. We will surely work with them again.

Vladimir Sijakovic
CEO of Vozzi
Devon Davenport

I wanted to work with Saturized from the beginning after seeing a demo of work they’d done for another fashion brand. It took two years to get ready, but they were enthusiastic and prepared to get started right away when I was. Truly masters of their craft and capable of executing your vision to the end.

Devon Davenport
Founder of DAVENPORT: Modern Blazers

Frequently Asked Questions

No two brands are the same. Our approach to any two projects is built on a unique strategy to get results, and a purpose-built team of industry-specialist and category natives to make it happen.

I would love to work with you. How do we get started?

We’re so glad you asked! The first step would be to fill out our request for a proposal questionnaire and answer a few questions about your project. After that, you can expect a representative of Saturized to contact you within 24h. If we are a good match, we can continue communicating through calls or emails until we have all the details of our collaboration pinned down in an official proposal.

What does the process of making a project look like?

We always start by thoroughly discussing the project’s details with our clients to understand their business goals, strategy, and customers. Based on this information, we create a product wireframes that serve as a basis for the design. Regardless of whether we came to this input in our Discovery phase or a client provided it, we begin our design process by creating a mood-board. The mood-board contains examples of the design’s overall feel, color pallets, layouts, icons, illustration styles, etc. Once we reach alignment on all the critical aspects of design, we create the initial version of the design for the client’s feedback. Then we make changes and offer further design improvement advice. Through this iterative process, the design naturally evolves into its final form.

How do you make sure that your design will meet our expectations?

We have several checkpoints that ensure that we are continually aligned with you about the project goals and expectations. We create wireframes that demonstrate the product’s usability and the mood-board that defines the project’s visual direction and qualities. Once we agree on these, we start an iterative design process in which, through your feedback, we create the final product that usually goes beyond our client’s expectations.

What are the benefits of using a creative agency over a freelance?

When you work with a creative agency, you get access to an entire creative team. With freelancers, it’s up to you to hire each role individually or look for someone who is a master of all trades, which is pretty rare, especially for creative services.

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