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With Discovery, there is no guesswork. You get to step into the world of your customers – you get to see what they need, what makes them tick; all the present and future opportunities, as well as uncertainties, are identified, with the final aim of creating a superior customer engagement and experience.

Put yourself into your customers’ shoes and build an outstanding product or service for them using state-of-the-art analytical tools and technologies to come up with relevant customer insights. Diving deep into the way your customers approach and interact with your brand, both on a practical and functional level, finding out how easily they can complete their tasks and achieve their goals, gains us the entrance into their minds to gather the right information and evidence needed for making the right decisions.

Combining experiential knowledge with evidence-based strategies and relevant insights allows the Saturized Discovery team to reveal the dynamics behind your customers’ attitudes and behaviors to stage your project with precision. Conventional brainstorming sessions, multiple usability tests, an in-depth analysis of the target audience, and a competitive environment are all in service to achieve your most ambitious business goals and remain relevant in today’s global marketplace.


  • Customer (User) Persona Definition

    Customer (User) Persona Definition

    If you wish to grow and improve your business, it is of utmost importance that you understand how your business goals fit your customers’ lives. Defining a customer persona helps us uncover various ways people behave to focus our efforts on promoting real people’s experience and drive your product to meet their needs best.

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  • Customer Journey

    Customer Journey

    Get to know the story of your customers’ experience with your brand across all touchpoints. Appreciate their motivations – their needs and pain points. Regardless of the ways your customers use to interact with you, be it via social media, email, live-chat, or any other channels, we can draw a map of your customer journey to determine whether your customers are reaching their goals at the moment; and if not, we can provide the possible solutions.

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  • Customer Flow

    Customer Flow

    By illustrating and analyzing the process of how your customers engage with your product, we can always determine where customers may be stalling and provide possible steps to prompt individual outcomes when they are engaging with it.

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  • Prototype  & Testing

    Prototype & Testing

    Producing and representing functional versions of your product can help us collect feedback from your ideal customers to find out what they care about before undertaking any elaborate design and officially introduce your product to the market.

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How we do it

  • Stakeholders Interview

    Stakeholders Interview

    A detailed analysis of the stakeholders’ perspectives allows us to understand the business’s ideas and objectives thoroughly. It helps us lay the foundation for open communication, simplify the process, and, as an outcome, deliver first-rate results that tick all the boxes.

  • Competitors Analysis

    Competitors Analysis

    The chances of other companies offering a similar product or service are high, no matter what you do. With competitor analysis, we can discern what your competitors are doing, detect the strengths and weaknesses relative to your brand, and gain leverage over them.

  • Customer Research & Interviews

    Customer Research & Interviews

    Bring your customers to light. Focus on exploring their attitudes, needs, motivations, and behavior relevant to your business. The better we understand our customers, the better we can market to them, develop products and services that meet their needs, gather competitive data, and multiply your chances of success.

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Alex Besarovic

Discovery is a reliable, high-quality service. I’d definitely recommend it.

Alex Besarovic
CEO & Co-founder of Flock Social
Maya Bozic

Discovery is a process that met our needs very well and helped us save a lot of money! I would gladly recommend it to a friend!

Maya Bozic
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of HeartCount

Discovery gave us clarity on the key issues that we need to solve with the app before we started with development. It saved us money on development by giving us a much clearer view of our customers and their needs. We will use a lot of the research as business and product validation in our pitch deck for our next funding round.

Tom Pain
Co-founder of MySwift

Saturized insight helped me understand problems from customers’/contractors’ perspectives, then building solutions around their real issues, not just my “ideas”. They provided a great team and experience that allowed me to plan before building and saved me countless hours of development time by having a clear plan and path to execute on.

Joseph Masciovecchio
Founder of Hirescape

Frequently Asked Questions

No two brands are the same. Our approach to any two projects is built on a unique strategy to get results, and a purpose-built team of industry-specialist and category natives to make it happen.

How long does the discovery take?

Discovery usually takes from 3 to 5 weeks. The discovery duration depends on the complexity of your product, the selected discovery modules, and the details of the product documentation you provided.

Can discovery be performed without specific modules?

Of course, it can. If you already have certain parts of the Discovery (say a defined customer persona or customer journey) in your documentation, our team will only suggest necessary modules. In this way, you can create a very flexible discovery package that suits your needs.

How is the price of the Discovery determined?

The price of the discovery is determined by the complexity of the product, the detail of the attached documentation about the product itself, and the selected modules.

What does discovery look like if I want to redesign an existing product?

Based on the existing documentation about your product, analysis of the product’s use by your users, and other parameters, our team will suggest the most efficient approach to redesigning your product. This approach would involve more or fewer discovery modules. Also, in some cases, discovery does not have to be included when redesigning a product.

I want Saturized to design my product. Is it mandatory to have discovery?

In short, no. Discovery helps you to set a solid foundation for a product-market fit. In addition to that, you will find out much more about your target audience, their needs, and wants with our discovery process. Finally, with the product idea prototype tried and tested with real users, you will be on a great path to offer a memorable customer experience and ultimately distinguish your product on the market.

However, it is not mandatory to have discovery to have your product designed by Saturized. If you opt-out from discovery, we will look into your documentation, set goals, and work together on creating an incredible experience of your product.

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