Customer Journey

Knowing how users discover your
product will help you engage them with the right message at the right time and turn them into customers.

Customer journey importance

Your customers engage with your product long before they start to use it: they engage with it from the moment they realize they are struggling with a problem that your product solves.

Customer journey will enable you to understand:

  • How customers view your products and/or service
  • What their intentions and values are
  • How a customer interacts with the brand or business at different touchpoints

Knowing all this, we'll be able to make meaningful connections to your customers and nurture them into loyal customers.

Are you struggling with this?

  • Inconsistent customer engagement and decreased chances for loyalty & sales.
  • Lack of interest from new customers to sign up for additional services.
  • High customer churn and universally negative feedback.
  • Frustrating Call Center interactions.
  • Inability to predict where proactive support is needed.
  • Using your team's customer experience expertise.
  • Empowering your team to deliver relevant and meaningful customer experience.
  • Connecting customer data to business results.

Our Process

  • Choose your personas

    Choose your personas

    Your personas are representations of your target customers. They include demographics and details like what device they're on and what task they want to accomplish. We will want to make a customer journey for each of your primary personas you've previously created.

  • Define scenario and customer expectations

    Define scenario and customer expectations

    The scenario describes the situation that the journey addresses. It can be real or anticipated. What's also important for us is to define what expectations a customer persona has about the interaction.

  • Map the phases of the customer journey

    Map the phases of the customer journey

    We put together all the information we have and sketch a journey in a format of step-by-step interaction. From awareness to purchase, and beyond. There are usually 4–6 phases in a purchase journey, but the structure is flexible.

  • Capture thoughts and actions

    Capture thoughts and actions

    Capturing the combination of what customer do, think, and feel in all phases of the journey is why the journey is useful. Customer quotes help us understand the customer's perceptions. It also gives us a steer on where we should start improving the experience of your product.

  • Consider the customer's emotional state

    Consider the customer's emotional state

    This is what makes the customer journey so valuable. By understanding how your customer's emotional journey progresses through each stage of the interaction with your product, we can pinpoint areas for improvement.

  • Define opportunities for Improvement

    Define opportunities for Improvement

    Here we gather the pain points, emotional journey, and customer feedback to start painting the future picture. This will help us find areas where your brand has the most significant opportunity to influence customer decisions, opinions, and actions to grow.

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