Customer (user) persona definition

Once you gain insight into your users,
you can better engage them with a
more useful website or app experience.

Customer (user) persona importance

According to the research, businesses and startups who rely on their intuition underperform their colleagues who create and use customer (user) personas. All components of your product, including design, messages, content, offers, and calls to action, we will optimize specifically for your target customers (users).

Customer (user) personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer (user) based on:

  • Market research
  • Actual data about your existing customers (users)
  • A few (educated) assumptions

Are you struggling with this?

  • Identifying users’ motivations, expectations, and goals.
  • Understanding of what users will truly use and buy vs. what they say they want.
  • Developing an initial set of market requirements.
  • Identifying the functionalities for your product.
  • Improving user experience and engagement.
  • Prioritizing development efforts.
  • Guiding positioning, messaging and strategy.
  • Making pricing decisions.

Our Process

  • Look at your data

    Look at your data

    The first step is to gather data from you and all stakeholders. A persona should reflect essential insights, primarily problems, and business goals. Both the needs of users and your business are crucial to create a balanced and successful user persona.

  • Decide who to question

    Decide who to question

    We will review market research that can provide insight into attitudes and behaviors to create a user personas draft that is ideal for your business. We will include both current customers and well as potential customers in our research.

  • Uncover attitudes and behaviors

    Uncover attitudes and behaviors

    After that, we will conduct a survey of previously defined users using quantitative methods to gather large amounts of demographic data and identify trends in skill levels and tasks performed.

  • Analyze and synthesize findings

    Analyze and synthesize findings

    Once we complete all of the surveys and interviews, we will need to review all the data we gathered to look for patterns and clusters of attitudes and behaviors.

  • Craft your personas

    Craft your personas

    Once we have the clusters, we can start writing the personas by adding details around the behavioral traits such as working environment, frustrations, relationships with others, skill level, and demographics.

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