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SEO importance

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a strategy to boost your site's ranking in search engines. To do this, you identify keywords consumers use to search for your product or service and then optimize your site to appear well during the searches.

Regardless of what you do or how big your business is, SEO can help you:

  • Improve relationships with your audience
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Increase your authority
  • Drive more people to your site
  • Put you ahead of the competition
  • Increase conversations

At Saturated we focus mostly on getting to know your business and staying up to date with current SEO trends so we can implement solutions that help you attract more customers, rank well on the search engines, and generate more revenue online.

Are you struggling with this?

  • Ranking higher on Google.
  • Getting more organic traffic.
  • Attracting visitors interested in your service or product.
  • Slow pages with a number of errors.
  • Visitors that quickly abandon your site.
  • Poor performance on mobile devices.
  • High costs of and low traffic from PPC campaigns.
  • Creating a long term marketing strategy.

Our Process

  • Learn more about your performance

    Learn more about your performance

    The first step in optimizing your site's search engine friendliness is to know exactly how it's currently performing. Our SEO audit provides you with a full overview of factors that influence your Google ranking and steps to improve those factors.

  • Make sure your website is well structured

    Make sure your website is well structured

    Content is the king when it comes to SEO, but it's no good if visitors (or Google) can't reach it. Our experienced team will ensure that your website is appropriately structured and at the peak of its performance, placing you at the top of Google search results.

  • Optimize your content  with relevant keyword

    Optimize your contentΒ with relevant keyword

    Google considers your website's content one of the most critical factors for ranking it for organic search. Therefore, it is imperative to optimize it with relevant keywords and the right structure to drive quality organic traffic.

  • Check your backlinks and establish a healthier link profile

    Check your backlinks and establish a healthier link profile

    When Google ranks your website, it looks at who links back to you: for better or worse. If you want to rank high, your website needs relevant, quality links from trustworthy domains. With our help, you’ll increase your organic traffic through a healthier link profile.

  • Check for penalties and improve your traffic

    Check for penalties and improve your traffic

    Google penalties can result from many factors, including wrong links, SEO attacks, double content, or simply because of Google’s algorithm change. Regardless of the reason, we can help remove the penalty and get your organic traffic back on track.

  • Ensure seamless transfers and backlink quality

    Ensure seamless transfers and backlink quality

    If not performed correctly, a transfer from your current domain to a new one can seriously damage your Google rankings. Once lost, quality backlinks are extremely difficult to get back, so it’s best to rely on our SEO Migration services to ensure that the transfer is seamless.

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