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Stunning views of exceptional properties, luxury apartments, and opulent houses brought to life in 3D.

Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills

The Story


  • Creative
  • Motion Design
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Touch Experiences Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Implementation Supervision

The Goal

Buying an apartment or a house is more than just choosing a place to live. It's about finding that perfect space that you can turn into a home, where you can enjoy the views, as well as comfortable spaces inside it. This task can easily become daunting if the home you'd like to live in hasn't been built yet.

The Solution

Case3D tackled the challenge of experiencing unbuilt spaces with their Touch Experience. This platform allows potential homebuyers to explore the projects that are still being built. Saturized contributed by creating intuitive and minimalistic interface design for touch displays, creating a digital experience that lets customers explore the project and easily select their future home.

Home - Masterplan

Through the master plan, customers can easily navigate the neighborhood and inspect all the buildings in their urban context.

To create a more immersive experience, the platform enables customers to view the buildings from the east and west side or change the day's time. Here customers can also select buildings that pique their interest.

Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills

Selected Building

The selected building view puts the building itself front and center. This easy-to-use design allows users to easily examine the structure without taking the focus away from it.

To help customers make the decision easier, the design of the platform includes all the necessary information about the building and a gallery of apartments available inside it.

Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills


Since every potential home buyer knows some characteristics they'd like their apartment to have, the platform has filters that help customers to pinpoint the perfect apartment for them.

The platforms' design allows users to examine a gallery of plans and 3D visualizations (created by Case3D) before taking any step further in their shopping experience.

Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills

360Β° view

Once the customer has selected the apartment that fits their needs, they have the opportunity to explore it beyond plans and renders in a 360 view.

Here, the interface serves as a floor plan to help users navigate the unbuilt space and orient themselves more easily.

Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills
Eagle Hills

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Working with Saturized was very professional from start to finish. They pay attention to every detail in the process in order to deliver the best possible solution. Easy communication and the enthusiasm they bring to every new project makes them our number one pick.

Danilo Micić
Co-founder of Case3D

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