One of a kind e-commerce experience of buying a modern blazer designed for men who are looking for a supremely-cut, tailor-made jacket for themselves.


The Story


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  • Stakeholders Interview
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Creative
  • Design for Web
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The Goal

Are you buying a blazer online to suit your constitution perfectly? Yes, it’s possible!

Davenport is an entirely practical, universally suitable, yet aesthetically modern blazer, with a proprietary algorithm capable of predicting the client’s measurements remotely through known user input data.

The Solution

We have stood out from the standard e-commerce websites by creating a distinctive layout that best fits the content by adding animations and transitions, using 3D renders instead of pictures. We have come up with a unique experience for our users who wish to buy blazers online.

Whatsmore, the whole website has been optimized for all devices – desktops and tablets, and mobile phones accordingly.


Instead of using classical fashion photographs, as in most e-commerce websites, we have chosen realistic 3D renders to present our clients with all the blazer details and features more easily.

The first thing that clients see is a slider with 3D renders of the blazer from different angles. By moving the cursor, they can see all the details and examine the blazer.



According to their significance, we have divided all the pages into three categories and put them to enable more comfortable use and manoeuvering.

Using background content upload and transition between pages, we have made the site work fluidly without a classical browser upload.



To show all the features that Davenport offers, we have presented them through 3D renders from different angles.

By clicking (+), customers can get more information about each detail on the blazer, such as fabric descriptions and their benefits.



Davenport has a vast collection of fabrics. The exterior category alone offers 250+ various materials, so there is an enormous number of possible combinations.Β 

To make the choice more straightforward for the customers, we have divided all the categories into formal and informal. The prices of fabrics differ, so when choosing a material, the price is automatically updated.


Customize Screens

To allow the customers to choose the fabric that best suits them, and with so many different materials at their disposal, we have made it easier by introducing filters such as origin.

Also, by hovering over fabrics, it is possible to see a broader view of materials without leaving the choice screen. We have offered customers the next best thing to feeling the fabric under their fingers with this feature.



MARS allows the customers to obtain the required body measurements remotely utilizing ARES (Algorithmic Ratio Estimation SystemTM).

ARES is a proprietary algorithm created and developed by Davenport, which utilizes known user inputs (age, height, weight, shoe size) in conjunction with a selected body type to determine the required measurements for a Davenport blazer accurately.


Mobile Screens

To allow mobile users the same experience of customization and blazer purchase as with desktop users, β€œscaling” the desktop version wasn’t enough.

We have optimized and customized the entire website for the users, so no matter which device they use to visit the website, they will have the same experience.


For title and rights of use over the presented photographs/design, please refer to the Copyright and Disclaimer page


Devon Davenport

I wanted to work with Saturized from the beginning after seeing a demo of work they’d done for another fashion brand. It took two years to get ready, but they were enthusiastic and prepared to get started right away when I was. Truly masters of their craft and capable of executing your vision to the end.

Devon Davenport
Founder of DAVENPORT: Modern Blazers

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