Have you ever wondered what to wear if the world we know today ceased to exist? Demobaza is the answer!


The Story


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  • Design for Web
  • Motion Design
  • Illustration & Iconography
  • Video Production
  • Sound Design

The Goal

Demobaza is a young fashion brand created in 2008 by Demo and Tono – its designers and leading forces. Demobaza is an exciting and directional clothing brand that fuses Bulgarian post-socialist spirit and extraordinary futuristic dreams. The result is a de-structured uniform with an intensely minimal and contemporary feel to it.

The Solution

Their clothing range is inspired by a military and sportive style and a very battered appearance. While the tops and bottoms are made of light and loose material, accessories like scarfs and bags are made of robust and heavy materials. You might find some of their creations hard to integrate into your everyday life, but there are many products that you can wear without worrying.

The Concept

The main goal was not only to show the products nice and clean but also to reflect the brand’s feeling and style to the website.

We went with a minimalist design in line with their unique style. It’s not only about how it looks; it’s about how it feels as well.


Collection Preview

Keeping in line with the rest of the website, we have showcased the collections by featuring each piece of clothing in a simple, geometrical grid.

We have relied heavily on the use of empty space to emphasize each of the clothing items, highlighting the minimalistic feel of the site and the brand.


Product Preview

To get the complete feel of the product, they are presented as part of an outfit, available to view from multiple angles.

Each product is accentuated in a minimalistic presentation that focuses on them and allows a clear and clean view.


Product Details

The full immersion into the Demobaza’s future is achieved with a futuristic UI that reveals details of each clothing article.

The minimalistic, intuitive UI helps users complete the purchase while keeping in style with the rest of the website and Demobaza’s brand.


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