Experience Room by Case3D

Imagine seeing the sunset from your new home before the building is even complete. The magic of that view is what the Experience room created by Case3D is all about.

Experience Room
Experience Room
Experience Room

The Story


  • Creative
  • Motion Design
  • Touch Experiences Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Implementation Supervision

The Goal

With the rapid development in architectural visualization, realistic 3D renders are not enough to attract clients and investors. Today you need to convince them of your vision in a way that doesn't simply show them what a property will look like once it's built but lets them feel it and experience it for themselves.

The Solution

Case3D created Experience room: a technological & software solution that allows users to navigate a 3D visualization of a property. While looking at the property on the screens around them, users can navigate it using a tablet app designed by Saturized. This allows for greater immersion in the properties that are still under development and serves as a more effective marketing tool on the property market.

Experience selection

Depending on their preferences, each user is given the option of choosing a Guided or Custom experience.

The options are presented to the user with minimalistic, mirrored rectangle buttons, and clear copy makes it easier for them to choose.

Experience Room

Guided experience

The guided experience offers the users a predetermined and prerecorded tour of the property.

This experience allows users to see all the best views and atmospheres a property has to offer. The visual presentation of property options is minimalist and focuses on the property itself by emphasizing its rendering and name.

Experience Room

Custom experience

Custom experience allows the users to explore the property on their own. It's an interactive experience intended for the more adventurous user.

Both Custom and Guided experiences present the users with specific properties they can explore. Property options are presented in a minimalistic style that emphasizes the property itself by drawing attention to the property render and the name.

Experience Room

Experience screens

Minimalistic plans allow users to navigate the property easily they're viewing by emphasizing their current position and available options for movement.

The UI of the platform indicates to the user where they are without breaking the strict, minimalistic style of the platform.

Experience Room
Experience Room
Experience Room

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Experience Room by Miroslav Georgijević

Video is the sole property of Case3D, shot by our director of photography Miroslav Georgijević.


NebojΕ‘a Zaklan

We had great experience working with Saturized. They spend time and effort to understand the purpose of the project in order to deliver the best possible solution. Design process was straightforward with respect to the agreed timeline and at the same time the team was flexible to our needs and open for any changes and suggestions. It was a pleasure working with them.

NebojΕ‘a Zaklan
Co-founder of Case3D

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