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The Story


  • Discovery
  • Customer (User) Persona Definition
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Flow
  • Prototype & Testing
  • Stakeholders Interview
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Customer Research & Interviews
  • Creative
  • Design for Web
  • Design for Mobile
  • Illustration & Iconography
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Development
  • Web Experiences

The Goal

Starting as a marketing company for organic Instagram growth, Flock Social quickly grew into an automated SaaS platform for Instagram management services. For their platform to function properly, Flock Social needed a simple, intuitive UI solution. With the change in their business model, Flock Social needed a change of their online presence to reflect their business growth.

The Solution

The first step in supporting the Flock Social new business model was to design a dashboard for the SaaS platform. The dashboard was designed so that it allows the user to use Flock’s advanced Instagram management tools easily and intuitively.

The second step was to create a new marketing website that would communicate Flock’s current business model, explain its benefits, and convert more visitors into paying customers.


Developing the dashboard prototype, we recognized the need for four main screens: activity feed, targeting screens, whitelist & blacklist screens, and analytics screens.

Activity feed shows users their current Instagram follow/unfollow action. Targeting screens allow users to set up parameters for their follow/unfollow algorithm. Whitelist & Blacklist screens allow selecting accounts users do not want to follow or unfollow if they are already following them. Finally, analytics screens present numerical profile information that shows profile growth and enables them to change parameters if required.


Platform Mobile Screens

Since most of Flock’s visitors come to the platform through their mobile phone, we’ve paid close attention to the mobile experience.

All of the screens were designed to provide an impeccable experience for the user, no matter the size of the screen they are using.



Various parts of the app are enriched with illustrations that emphasize different elements, like onboarding or empty state.

These vector illustrations are designed with four colors that suit Flock Social branding, with a simple composition that depict a current state.


Marketing Website

Relying on our previous research, we have designed a new marketing website that promotes Flock’s new SaaS platform. The latest design trends condition the design style because the client’s target group is young, mostly Instagram users and is led by digital aesthetics.

It is necessary to create a presentation for them that will correspond to the principles of modernity, reliability, and professionalism. The final design is enhanced with animations that bring into spotlight different parts of the platform.


Website Mobile Screens

Like mentioned before, most of Flock’s visitors come to the website through their mobile phone, we made sure the mobile design is flawless.

All of the pages were designed to provide an impeccable experience for the user, no matter the size of the screen they are using.



During the web design process, we have recognized the need for a professionally done employee photo shoot to embody Flock’s youthful energy. For this reason, we organized the photo shoot with our affiliate professional photographer.

To showcase the environment, lighting, and overall urban photography style, we have constructed a mood-board that would perfectly match the new web design.


For title and rights of use over the presented photographs/design, please refer to the Copyright and Disclaimer page


Alex Besarovic

Very professional team. Saturized spends time on understating everything they need about our business.

Alex Besarovic
CEO & Co-founder of Flock Social

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