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The Story


  • Creative
  • Design for Web
  • Motion Design
  • Illustration & Iconography
  • Video Production
  • Sound Design

The Goal

The idea was to design a website that would be simple to use on any digital platform. Information needed to be presented in a concise, quickly palatable way, with the focus kept on the product, where it belongs. The website is tailored to meet the needs of various users, from those obsessed with product detail to those moved more by narratives.

The Solution

The first touchpoint of future users with Garmin fenix5 watches is through the website. As the current website feels generic, outdated, and without that β€œwow” effect, we have set out to make the user experience that would amaze. We have displayed many features and benefits in a clean, explicit & straightforward way, all with the watch in its center.

The Concept

The main goal was not only to show the products nice and clean but also to reflect the brand’s feeling and style to the website.

We went with a minimalist design in line with their unique style. It’s not only about how it looks; it’s about how it feels as well.


Collection Preview

The collection preview lets users get a glance at all the available watches in the collection in a few simple clicks.

While the product is given the central position, we have added a summary and critical features of each product to make the choices more convenient for the customers.


Product Preview

Once the customers select a watch that piques their interest, they can inspect it further on the product preview page.

Each of the preview pages gives the users the necessary information on the watch, such as size, color, and battery life.

Product Integrations

One of the features that make Garmin Fenix5 stand out is its integrations with mobile and desktop devices.

The users can easily track their workout data, log workouts, and share their success with friends through social media.


Product Details

We have created detailed product pages for the customers who want to know everything about the watch before making the final decision.

In the product pages, we have elaborated on the critical features of each watch to help customers understand the product better and make an informed decision.


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