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Let your buyers experience their home before it is even built.

Property Navigator
Property Navigator
Property Navigator

The Story


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  • Implementation Supervision

The Goal

Shopping for a new home can be an exhausting experience. Not only do you have to take into consideration factors such as price, location, and size, you often also have to make your decision before the building is even complete.

The Solution

To help apartment buyers in their journey towards their new home, we have created an app that allows them to explore city blocks, buildings, and apartments through an interactive 3D experience that brings every floorplan to life.


Property Navigator

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Property Navigator


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Property Navigator


Increase in revenue in

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Property Navigator

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Property Navigator provides a complete overview of a specific project, from the masterplan with all its details to each apartment's views.

This way, investors can easily present their projects through an interactive map that offers them a simple, visual way to sell.

Property Navigator

Project View

The project view allows users to navigate the city neighborhoods and get a sense of where the property they are interested in is located within the city.

We have used color contrast of light and dark to emphasize single buildings within the project so that the available properties stand out in the city map.

Property Navigator


The master plan gives an extra dimension to the property viewing experience by presenting the entire neighborhood and available buildings in 3D.

The users can easily rotate the pan or zoom in and out to explore it even further. Best of all, by applying filters, the users can locate apartments that fit their needs right in the 3D master plan.

Property Navigator
Property Navigator

Building view

Once they decide on a specific building, the users can expect it further through the 3D building view, where they can get a better idea of how the building will look once it is completed.

The users can rotate the building, see how it relates to its surroundings and the movement of the sunlight. With the applied filters, the users can also see the available apartments that meet their needs right on the building facade.

Property Navigator

Apartment View

The apartment view helps buyers to decide on a home they want to buy by giving them all the necessary information about the apartment in one place.

The users can explore the floor plans, the gallery of static 3D renders of the apartment, and an interactive 3D view. If a condo catches their eye, users can always save it as a favorite and send it over to their email address to explore it later.

Property Navigator

3D Tour

3D tour is an interactive experience of an apartment that hasn't been built which allows the users to explore every corner of their potential future home.

They can imagine themselves cozying up with the family in the living room or get a sense of just how enjoyable their morning coffee could be on their new terrace.

Property Navigator

White Labeling

White LabelingProperty Navigator has been designed and developed with both home buyers and investors in mind. The platform offers the white labeling option to provide more value to the investors.

Every investor can customize the platform to their specific branding and change colors, map styles, and other important visual aspects of the platform.

Property Navigator
Property Navigator

Mobile Screens

The platform offers an equally pleasant and intuitive experience of buying an apartment, regardless of the device you are using to buy it.

With the dominant usage of mobile devices, great attention was given to the mobile experience, where users can get the same information they would on a desktop screen in a few simple clicks.

Property Navigator
Property Navigator
Property Navigator
Property Navigator

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